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The person that has had authentic steak cannot forget the taste that beefsteak place brings to oral cavity to experience, because the beefsteak in Western-style food hall is the making manner of the cooking skill with course excellent chef and intention,cooking comes out, so the beefsteak in Western-style food hall tastes bright is slippery juicily, let a person boundless taste is experienced. If to beefsteak the requirement is not tall in that way person, also can buy beefsteak to come home oneself are made. So today’s article explains the little skill of beefsteak of a few decoct for everybody.

Lay the practice of decoct beefsteak

How decoct beef is delicious

1, because salt can absorb the moisture inside biltong, because should not be when this recuperation beefsteak,add salt to age in order to avoid the flesh character. But if other flavoring is peppery wait, can join before cook.

2, after will frying boiler to heat adequately first, pour oil into boiler again, beef is put again after the heat that wait for oil, just began to come with conflagration decoct two sides all brown, what want to place with decoct of medium baking temperature again is ripe degree.

3, when the flesh already when the golden look that decoct wants into you, move simmer in water of small fire calamity please 1 to 1.5 minutes (inspect article reach ply to adjust proper time) , search an area next, come with same method again decoct.

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Spend, can use the following method to measure know: The hematic water of beef after surface layer is oozy again decoct 20 to 30 seconds, at this moment the flesh is about 5 minutes ripe. Additional, those who check fleshy flexibility to also can estimate beef is ripe degree, but this kind of method suits to observe thick cutlet only.

Lay the practice of decoct beefsteak

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In the practice of beef of home simmer in water

One, cake of sweet decoct beef

Material: Face, beef, unripe smoke, salt, green, face of Chinese prickly ash.


1, mix beef stuffing onion is broken, raw smoke, 30min of souse of face of salt, Chinese prickly ash.

2, right amount flour is put inside the basin, enter boiled water, become face a knot in one’s heart with chopstick agitate, a bit cold mix face a knot in one’s heart with the hand as far as possible soft dough, the Tang below room temperature 10-20min.

3, become dough clutch small group, hold with the hand flat, put the chopped meat with right amount good souse, wrap steamed stuffed bun next, knead steamed stuffed bun round squash.

4, oily heat is put to 6 inside boiler ripe, put the bovine meat pie that has made, medium baking temperature heats, often break up, boiler can go out when two sides is golden!

2, beef of eggplant juice decoct

Material: Sirloin 500 grams, eggplant juice 50 grams, egg 2, unripe pink 20 grams, bai Sha candy 3 teaspoon, unripe take 1 teaspoon, juice of ginger, wine each 2 teaspoon, pepper 1/3 teaspoon.


1, bovine cutlet becomes 0.4cm thick big, beat a pine, bloat be soiled, reentry egg fluid, dry unripe pink mixes divide evenly.

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Come with decoct of medium baking temperature finalize the design, retroflexion decoct shows golden scene additionally to two sides at the same time and squashy.

3, change a knife to become scrap, eggplant juice ticks off Gorgon euryale to irrigate beefsteak to go up to be become namely.

Lay the practice of decoct beefsteak

3, decoct beef cake

Material: Advocate makings: Beef (fertilizer is thin) 200 grams, egg 300 grams, biscuit 100 grams, the plant is oily 120 grams, soy 30 grams, gourmet powder 2 grams, amylaceous (pea) 30 grams, salt 1 gram, ginger 5 grams.


1, beef chop (or wring) into end, biscuit uses bleb, water is handed in to will be grasped after bubble is appeared piece reserve. Ginger flay cuts extremely delicate delicate last stage, starch uses bleb.

2, beef end puts a bowl inside, add biscuit, Jiang Mo, starch 10 grams, refined salt 0.5 grams, soy 10 grams, mix is even, 4 diameters are make it 1 inch of cake of 5 minutes.

3, put round-bottomed frying pan on flourishing fire, enter vegetable oil, wait for oil to burn to 6 when becoming heat, put beef cake, scamper 6 mature fish out, take one round-bottomed frying pan additionally to be put on fire to add soup-stock, soy, gourmet powder, move to be appeared to stew of low baking temperature, use scoop to be in beef cake shovel next dish inside. Former juice uses water starch (20 starch, 20 grams water) tick off Gorgon euryale, irrigate respectively go up in 4 hamburger.

4, put round-bottomed frying pan on flourishing fire, enter a few oil, egg knock, one by one is put inside spoon, a few refined salt is spilled on every egg, decoct becomes poached eggs, put on beef cake to be become namely.

4, sweet decoct beef gathers up

Material: Bovine tenderloin tender flesh, carrot, xi Qin, wild hill any of several hot spice plants, refined salt, claret, sanded tea sauce, peanut butter, pungent sauce, water starch, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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White pepper, curry oil, soup-stock, garlic powder, onion powder, gallinaceous essence.


1, will arrogant tenderloin flesh is abluent pat a pine to cut Ji cross to spend a knife, with oily souse of salt, grape, any of several hot spice plants of carrot, Xi Qin, wild hill, abluent cut soybean volume man.

2, make sweet juice: Sit boiler ignition puts oily light a fire, oil is lukewarm 4 when becoming heat, put garlic powder, onion powder to fry sweet, enter carrot man, Xi Qin fourth, wild Shan Jiaoding, fry a fragrance, join sanded tea sauce, peanut butter, fry divide evenly to pour soup-stock, salt, pungent sauce, in drenching curry oil pours a bowl stand-by.

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3, sit frying pan enters oil, oil comes 5 when becoming, the beef with put souse good gathers up decoct comes two sides chromatically, boil is burned into wine, sweet juice tick off thin Gorgon euryale slightly to tasty can.

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