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Hot it is the snacks that a kind of men and women likes to eat very much, but of the sale on the ave hot a total meeting concern letting a person, the safety in the process that make and wholesome circumstance, make handiwork in the home so hot a choice that made many people. Handiwork is hot although do not have outside hot delicious, but taste can let a person more be at ease. Have at the same time1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Partial person is in the handiwork that make is hot the discovery in the process is hot hard hard, should how will manual hot a molten?

 Handiwork is hot how to keep soft

Soft hemp is hot a method that should use steam will do.

Particular way

1.Bovine muscle face cuts Duan Fang to enter evaporate of a pot for steaming food soft.

2.Essence of chicken of salt of chili Chinese prickly ash puts arrange machine to be hit into powder to fall on the bovine muscle side with good evaporate.

3.After oil burns heat, oily boiler pours agitate of face of muscle of ox of chili face admiral equably can

 Handiwork is hot how to keep soft

Hot eat much what harm is there?

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Kind for, piquancy food suits to grow in the person edible of the damp area such as Sichuan quite, after the person edible of northward and dry area, the symptom such as suffer from excessive internal heat, deficiency of vital energy will be more serious. Say from constitutionally, have some of person that the person belongs to flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability, appear easily at ordinary times the phenomenon such as a dry tongue dry, guttural gall, constipation, although,ate hot food temporarily delighted, but can make these symptoms aggravating and severalfold afterwards. Especially after constipation is serious, trash of the metabolization inside body is long save up, among them toxin can endanger human body health badly.

The person is met inside short after eating hot food time kubla khah dripping wet, have kind of very comfortable feeling, because piquancy food can stimulate sweat gland to secrete,basically be, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Quicken metabolic amiable blood to move, have certain profit to the body. But, eat hot must right amount, to northerner, a week or biweekly, already enoughFall in love with the sea

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. And, the food that can promote gas blood to move is not have chili only, food of sex of isotherm of orange, pumpkin, big jujube, hotpot can achieve thisLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The effect. Eat hot hind, had better increase appropriately water quantity and vegetable, fruity is absorbed, with the adverse effect of food of desalt laborious flavour to the body.

Hot food eats less, hot product is same also, and the quality of hot product is unwarrantable.

 Handiwork is hot how to keep soft

Cheap hot may cause cancer

Nutrient division shows, for healthy consider, hot1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Such food should not eat. If cannot help really, must buy normal manufacturer, and every secondary eats less, assure quality very hard what small mill does, because do not know raw material whether whether does putrefaction, oil oxidize, whether does the bacterium exceed mark, treatment is the environment wholesome?

Hot, name hot silk. It is to use has machined soja skin to be made mostly, next complementary with chili pink, pigment wait for souse and become. Hot can say to do not have any nutrition, it is to satisfy mouthfeel only, and this kind of mouthfeel is cost with health, this kind of price is low hot may cause cancer.

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