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Article introduction

Among pork although contain a lot ofcertain nutrition, but everybody also knows, take porky word in great quantities so, what make accumulation very easily many among the body is adipose, bring about the occurrence of fat of hypertensive, tall blood thereby. So, everyday we take porky measure have a regulation. Although the word is such, but how is pork boiled delicious not be bored with, still need test cooking skill. And goodFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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cooking, also can reduce the food harm to the body.

 How is pork boiled delicious not be bored with

 Pork renown pig flesh, it is main the flesh of pig of home of animal of division of one of cattle, pig. Gan Xianping of its sex flavour, contain rich protein and the nutrient part such as adipose, carbohydrate, calcic, iron, phosphor. Pork is the main deputy provision of daily life, have filling empty powerful bodyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, flesh of moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, abundant the action of lustre skin. all usable make nutrition be tasted nourishingly.

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 Fundamental practice

 1. Pork wants inclined cut, porky flesh compares fine, muscle character little, be like transversely, fry ripe hind become messy medicinal powder broken, be like inclined cut, can make its not broken, taste do not fill in again tooth; Pork shoulds not be long bubble water;

 2. Not clean with hot water before pork cook, because the material of albumen of dissolve of a kind of flesh is contained in pork, dissolve easily in the water of 15 Celsius above, if use hot leach bubble to be met be lost is very much nutrition, at the same time taste also owes beautiful;

 3. Pork should be thoroughlied cook, because there can be helminth sometimes in pork, if eat raw or when recuperation is not complete, there may be hook tapeworm in liver or cerebral ministry parasitism.

 How is pork boiled delicious not be bored with

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 Have nutrition to abound with delicate characteristic, it is the good raw material of cooking. Do dish of good the daily life of a family to stew porky hang:

 1. Fleshy piece should be cut some more greatly. Contain inside pork but dissolve at water present the fresh material that contain nitrogen, when the pork that stew commentate piece more, broth flavour is thicker, the fragrance of fleshy piece can be decreased relatively weak, the flesh because of this stew piece cut so that want somes big properer, fresh material presents in order to decrease inside the flesh outside ease, such fleshy flavour can compare small flesh delicious.

 How is pork boiled delicious not be bored with

 2. Do not use flourishing fire to be boiled suddenly. Because be fleshy piece encounters quick high fever, flesh fiber hardens, fleshy piece is boiled not easily sodden; 2 it is the hydrosphere when material can follow the scent in the flesh to be boiled suddenly evaporates, make fragrance decreases.

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Sp; 3. Stewing in boiling, add water less, in order to make soup juice flavor full-bodied.

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