Adult net swims ” black is desert ” Euramerican obtain a success first months to sell piece 400 thousand

The network game that develops by Daum of Korea game company ” black is desert ” although do not have the message that lands China all the time, be in other area nevertheless very hot however, branch of Daum Euramerican area released announcement to say yesterday, this game appears on the market in Euramerican area after a month, had reached 400 thousand sale record at present, make originally to doing not have those who use free game to make for commendable.

At present more and more game introduce game free prop rate system, nevertheless ” black is desert ” did not use this kind to collect fees however means. For all that, outstanding game content still won a large number of players approbate, at present average and online number also had reached 100 thousand person. ” black is desert ” solemn to had become the Korea net with Euramerican the most welcome area to swim one.

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