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Game name is the first pace of game of contact of a lot of players, it can be in help a player understand game content for a short while, or the impression that leaves profundity to the player. As person name, giving game to give a name also is a not little knowledge. Good game name is understood mostly bright able to read aloud fluently, simply, the name that has a few game always nevertheless or bizarre expatiatory, or your person the awkward-sounding like water of a mist, meaning of some criterion hereat is done laugh, return some game names to have nothing to do completely with game content. Near future of day intermediary Gamespark summed up the game with a few strange names, we chose the most interesting work to make the introduction a bit from which.

1998 put on sale at taking the place of first of PlaysStation platform, a when make by Asmik Ace company game. At first view ” LSD ” , general metropolis thinks is the abbreviate of game full name, resemble us ” hand of car of hunt of pilfer of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct (Grand Auto Thief) ” abbreviation is ” GTA ” same. If old player has tried this play, and know heart language, should meet the origin that understands game name: The enemy, game that does not have even the purpose even without teammate is done not have in this in, the player crosses in the world of a few bizarre and motley bouncing, game course as daydreaming; of general broken up and in De Wenzhong, hallucinogen of one word is writing a law Lyserg-S? Ure-Di? Thylamid, abbreviate is LSD.

This is one is made by Sonic Team, world fine the game of platform of emission Ren Tiantang DS. Is the Japanese of game called の of る of く of ら of か of こ of ど of は of ん of bare ち ゃ ? , is translating Chinese the child from where to come? , although be one wins a girl through playing little game really this making the game of fragrant heart, but the clue making a person that does not have love to see and hear not only, still be a complete age even to game. And the name that makes Euramerican edition originally is ” The Rub Rabbits! ” , direct interpreter comes over is the bunny of attrition, if say the name of day of edition returns the correlation that can produce little with game content, that name of Euramerican edition lets a person completely feel do not wear brains. This making have before make, cry ” る of dead ね of ら of な of め of た of き み の ” , translating Chinese is ” die for you ” , because this is made originally,also have another familiar translated term or name ” be born for you ” .

In this PS2 game, the player will act a mosquito to suck hillside plot hard blood, so ” midge ” it is a confluence a of flight simulation, strategy and behavioral element wonderful game. Because breathtaking originality is mixed not the game sex of common, this making suffer greatly reputably, still rolled out add to make later ” midge 2: Go Hawaiian! ” . Say strictly, the game content that this making and name are very proper, just the name is really enough short ” midge ” also be Japan the work with the shortest name on game history.

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