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Beijing time on May 28, eugene of league matches of diamond of international cropland couplet stood 2017 (square red elite surpasses the 43rd Pu Lei) , in Eugene field of famous Hayward track and field is held. Su Bingtian with 9 seconds best achievement obtains the individual of 92 this station man 100 meters of runner-up, american player Luonibeike with 9 seconds 86 win championship. This field match wind speed is downwind 2.4 meters / second, su Bingtian’s achievement fails to be calculated to be formal achievement. Nevertheless this achievement shows Su Bingtian still is in at present summit summit condition, the London world this year bright and beautiful contest and the national games, he still the wish that hopeful implementation transcends self.

Su Bingtian drew the lesson of last sports season, did not attend before the sports season outdoor begins indoor 60 meters run. He was namely last year in the indoor sports season of the beginning of the year get hurt carelessly, causing annual condition is not very good. Eugene is Su Bingtian’s biggest blessing ground, 2015 sports season he runs here the person of the yellow race of 99 breaks through 9 seconds first times the result that 10 seconds close greatly, wind speed is 1.5 meters at that time / second. Was in last year Eugene, su Bingtian runs in Eugene 10 seconds 04, also exceed wind speed at that time, wind speed is downwind at that time 2.6 meters / second. Sports season of Su Bingtian’s individual is best last year achievement, it is the 10 seconds that carry can run in semifinals in Liyaoao 08.

Su Bingtian had entered this sports season 4 stations man 100 meters of mat阿拉爱上海同城

ches, he was in the middle ten days of a month in April American Florida runs on invitational tournament of one station international 9 seconds 98, the wind speed at t上海贵族宝贝论坛

hat time is downwind 4.1 meters / second. Level of track and field is very high, include Chinese dash group inside, the dash elite that can have a lot of each country each district every year is accepted to institute of American Florida IMG groom. This the match looks be like class is not very tall, but match norms and hold level or special major. Because wind is too big, after preliminary contest ends, do not have again proceed. Xie Zhen industry still ran at that time 9 seconds the spectacular success of 91.

Su Bingtian the 2nd of this sports season formal 100 meters of matches, it is the station of Shanghai of league matches of diamond of international cropland couplet on May 13, su Bingtian with 10 seconds 09 gain the championship and reached London age bright and beautiful contest takes part in the match standard. The challenge of plain Qi gold that has in Japan last week, su Bingtian runs only 10 seconds the achievement of 43, wind speed is against the wind at that time 1.2 meters / second. Return Fudeyoujin this, su Bingtian runs faster than last year the good achievement of 0.12 seconds. Accordi上海千花网交友

ng to this success looks today, want wind speed to achieve 2 effective meters only / second less than, it is very possible that Su Bingtian defeats 10 seconds to close greatly again.

After 2015 sports season end, su Bingtian has expressed the strong desire that yearns for him breakthrough, alleged him breakthrough runs to compare 9 seconds namely 99 quicker success. Su Bingtian arrives by this year August will year full 28 years old, he last year in October also with be in love old cummer Lin Yanfang gets card to marry. Include Su Bingtian and his director coach to think, peak per阿拉爱上海同城

iod had held Su Bingtian上海贵族宝贝

‘s summit for a long time hard. Dan Subing is added still fight bravely hard in forefront, he wants all sorts of conditions to obtain better position only now, still can run of very remarkable success. Today Su Bingtian this 9 seconds 92 make clear, be in at present Asian native land man 100 meters of domains, su Bingtian still is absolutely Wang Zhe. (Red)

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