Does China allow American beef to be defeated China was beef of backside United States ever banned what to job give? Safe?

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Does China allow American beef to be defeated China was beef of backside United States ever banned what to job give? Safe?

Supervise according to national quality上海贵族宝贝论坛

examine message of website of quarantine total bureau, the basis concerns laws and regulations of relevant law of protocol and China, allow American beef to be defeated China, the United States is defeated by Hua Niu flesh to should be accorded with ” beef of entrance United States examines quarantine asks ” .

Data chart: The beef of sale (China News Service sends Zhao Ying to photograph)

” beef of entrance United States examines quarantine asks ” (abbreviation ” requirement ” ) point out, the American beef that allows an import shows bone is mixed under 30 lunar age the beef that take character, include muscle of stomach of heart, kidney, liver, valve, ox, do not include tonsil, ileum to was not carried, dogmeat a爱上海同城手机版

nd mechanical and detached flesh.

” requirement ” express, be defeated by Hua Niu flesh to should come from obtain national attestation to approve supervisory management committee (the flesh that CNCA) registers kind enterprise.

” requirement ” regulation, the bovine beard that is defeated by Hua Niu flesh has perfect record, can assure restrospect to ox be born farm; Be born, raise and butcher at the United States, or be born in Mexico or Canada, butcher at the United States; Either doubt is like or the offspring with arrogant disease of disease of diagnose mad ox, not be organization of world animal sanitation (of the case of defect of diagnose mad ox that OIE) defines be the same as group of oxen; The nobbler method that compresses air or gas to cranial cavity inject or cerebral spinal cord were not used to stab a law to death before butcher; 30 lunar age are less than when butcher.

” requirement ” express, the Niu Shi that needs to be defeated by Hua Niu flesh to be being used at production applies the examination after before slaughtering, be being slaughtered, result qualification; Proving all butcher ox is healthy, without symptoms of any systemic sex system or contagion, verminosis, and body and viscera change without pathology, already used safety and tonsil of healthy kind purify and ileum terminal, it is sanitation, safe, suit human edible; When Chinese port enters a country, the animal drug that does not get check to give illicit of plan of Chinese law law to be not natural generation, hurried grows additive of agent, feed and other compound, include Laikeduoba amine, under or be equal t阿爱上海同城

o background level inside source sex hormone is not prohibiting.

” requirement ” return a regulation, be defeated by Hua Niu flesh to must be used those who accord with international sanitation standard is brand-new material is packed. The inner packing with due and alone beef, company of the name of an article, state of origin, production ought to indicate to register lot number of date, production on inner packing. Product name, norms, producing area ought to indicate with Chinese on outer packing (specific to the city / province / city) , manufacturing company registers lot number of date, production, destination (be restricted only China) , manufacturing date (year / month / day) , the expiration period, store temperature, also should see American government examine on outer packing the label of quarantine. Pack the pork beforehand kind the product still should accord with China about packing the requirement of the legal laws and regulations of food label and standard beforehand.

In addition, every batches of United States are defeated by Hua Niu flesh to should follow the vet sanitation letter that attachs American Ministry of Agriculture to issue, quarantine requirement examines just in proving its are accorded with.

” requirement ” still say, store and carry what be defeated by Hua Niu flesh should undertake below appropriate temperature condition, the central temperature of refrigerant beef do not answer prep above – 15 ℃ , the central temperature of beef glacial delicacy should be in 0 ℃ – 4 ℃ . Goods loads the lead sealing that American Ministry of Agriculture brings to bear on to approbate after container, lead sealing date follows the vet sanitation that add in the product make clear in certificate. Carriage process must not ravel reach change pack. (origin: Chinese news network)

American beef is infiltrated because of mad ox disease limbo

Was American beef ever banned what to job give?

On March 1, 2001, condition of discrepancy of Ministry of Agriculture, former state examines quarantine bureau ever issued announcement, 13 countries such as the England that prohibits producing mad ox disease from at that time, Switzerland, France or area import the product such as beef. Fan Youxin produces the country of mad ox disease, also will include the directory that prohibits importing automatically. On December 28, 2003, american Ministry of Agriculture affirms mad ox disease produces in Washington city. From this, the United States also enters afore-mentioned directory from January 14, 2004. Thenceforth rises, american beef is prohibited be opposite China exit. College of medicine of animal of Chinese agriculture college teachs Zheng Shijun to express, such doing is to cut off the food chain of mad ox disease to infect a source, prevent mad ox disease to enter China.

Itself of mad ox disease will tell the disease that it is a sex that feed a cause, the contagion that it says usually with us is different, because got a few urticant disease,it is, it cries (Scarpie) the make it feed such as the offal of this sheep, bone dust is fed to the ox, the ox should eat this it to absorb after going in, it can make soft virus can be created inside cerebrum, our country is ill to mad ox, be in all the time sample undertake detecting, so old will did not discover our country上海贵族宝贝

is existing namely all the time this is ill. As we have learned, mad ox disease is Niu Zh爱上海同城手机版

ongshu of a kind of harm’s neurological contagion. This plants person edible the flesh of ill ox or after spinal cord, the likelihood catchs disease of deadly new-style gram elegant family name, its part symptom and mad ox disease are similar. According to the statistic that world animal sanitation organizes, come 30 years, what the whole world contracts disease of new-style gram elegant family name is only 226 people, among them 175 case of illness are in England, and be in centrally mostly 1996 arrive between 2004. This organization is affirmatory, the animal risk position that because edible is polluted,eliminates blame mankind, be like an ox amygdala and ileum extreme, or it is ox of above of 30 lunar age head, eye, spinal cord, skull, just may suffer from contract disease of new-style gram elegant family name. Accordingly, organization of world animal sanitation thinks, the risk of relevant disease is negligible not plan. In last few years, the ban that imports about beef is removed gradually in many countries. Our country is in the portion removed to be opposite in July 2014 the import ban of Brazilian beef. And remove the import ban of pair of United States beef, some closer year of cry is ceaseless all the time also. (origin: Center extensive network)

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