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Jia Kang is very common endocrine disease, suffer from on Jia Kang’s word, it is OK right amount eat sweet food, must not eat more nevertheless, keep buoyant at ordinary times, proper motion, notice outdoor moves more, breathing fresh air, armour excessive patient must have treatment in time, it is to be able to bring about weight accentuation otherwise, still may appear badly eyelid

 Can Jia Kang eat sweet food

Oedema, eyesight drops wait for a symptom, healthy to the person influence is very big.

Attention of food of armour excessive patient a few big contraindication

Diet uses carrot

Carrot has very big effect to reducing weight, but because it can improve problem of a few enteron, affect thyroid function very easily so, make strumous big.

Diet uses a few excited lotion

The beverage that resembles coffee and so on can make armour excessive patient controls not quite normal excitement hard, such very easy aggravating illnesses.

 Can Jia Kang eat sweet food

Avoid stimulates the food of and so on tartly

Wait for these exciting and hot food to should avoid like horsebean of chili, deep-fried dough cake, deepfry, a few righter the very easy exasperate illness that compares a stodge to resemble and so on of desert, fat.

Fear helps in great quantities iodic

Armour excessive patient does not need compensatory iodine commonly, because thyroid function compares hyperfunction inside patient system,this is, if continue to complement again the word of iodic element, veryForum of Shanghai night net

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Make an illness easily exasperate. Reason avoid is much fish having the of great capacity, algal wait for food, because armour excessive patient ate to contain a lot ofiodic food, make thyroid gland organizes sclerosis possibly. Although the food that contains a lot ofiodine can make symptom slightly light, however more makeNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forumNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Defer of armour excessive illness heals hard, also make intumescent already nugget deadlocked piece hard pass the time in a leisurely way.

Armour excessive patient should below edible these a few kinds of food

The food with delicate, rich nutrition

Jia Kang’s symptom basically expresses much now drink to be fed more, what so armour excessive patient wants to notice the nutrition inside body is enough, at that time can much edible a few 3 fast food, preserve delicate taste, soShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Want to notice the pattern of cooking. Meat of the lean lean that be like a pig, rabbit, egg, bean products. Eat fresh vegetable more, wait like tomato, green vegetables, cucumber, towel gourd. Eat fresh fruit more, wait like apple, Xue Li, banana, orange, grape.

So armour excessive patient cannot take carrot, although carrot is commonner, but must restrain oneself appetite, the contraindication that did not have extreme of a few armour by accident feeds the cure that taste and continues to accept Jia Kang even, return so that preventing armour excessive complication, this virtually increased many pressure to armour excessive patient, so measurable psychology adjusts also is must.

 Can Jia Kang eat sweet food

The dietary principle of armour excessive patient

1, high quantity of heat: Combine clinical cure to need and patient eat a circumstance and be decided1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, general calibration often increases 50%-70% , can furnish everyday each 3000-3500Kcal quantity of heat.

2, high protein: General each everyday 1.5-2g of every kilograms of weight is protein.

3, tall vitamin: Basically complement vitamin of B a group of things with common features and vitamin C.

4, right amount mineral: Basically wait for potassium, magnesian, calcium.

5, avoid is iodic: If take fast iodic food or medicaments for a long time, thyroid to iodine ” restrain ” action arises ” suit ” , the synthesis of thyroid element is quickened afresh, the stockpile of the thyroid element inside thyroid gland grows day and day, the thyroid element of a large number of stockpile releases blood in, cause armour to Kang Fu is sent or accentuate.

The note of food of armour excessive patient

1, eat much food less, cannot eat and drink too much. Avoid wine of acrimony, smoke.

2, compensatory and enough moisture, water everyday 2500mShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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L left and right sides, the stimulant beverage such as avoid coffee, strong tea.

3, food of proper control tall cellulose, especially when diarrhoea.

4, the reasonable collocation that notes nutrient class status.

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