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Besides pork and beef, people has chicken at ordinary times is rife, compare with other fleshy photographs, the flesh of chicken is compared character delicate, can stew very easily ripe, and taste flavour is very delicious, and of chicken have a way very much, and its nutrition value is very high, contain a lot ofhigh grade albumen for instance, the chicken that some people buy can have white worm inside discovery, such chicken should is likeNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Does where manage?

How is the worm that there is white in chicken handled?

How is the worm that there is white in chicken handled?

Be maggot bug, should be place time to grow too or be placement place not wholesomeShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, the chicken that bring about is degenerative. Do not need to eat anthelmintic, although eat,also can be killed by hydrochloric acid in gastric juice in abdomen. But encounter such circumstance to had better not use chicken later.

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When processing gives birth to chicken, all appliance that must assure to have a contact with chicken (include both hands) Dou Jie is clean. Chicken must be rinsed clean before cooking and pat with paper towel dry; Cut chopping board and cutting tool to must be cleaned clean with scour after had been used, in processing around must wash the hand wipe up.

How is the worm that there is white in chicken handled?

Unripe chicken is likely the salmonella with harmful parasitism. These bacteriaShanghai noble baby

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If remain is on mesa, appliance or hand, the likelihood pollutes other edibles and the chicken that thoroughly cook, bring about bromatoxism possibly. Want tread lightly only, cooking is proper, can avoid this kind of circumstance happening easily.

Chicken must boil comes completely ripe ability but edible. Cannot boil absolutely halfForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Ripe save rise to be boiled in order to wait for again afterwards, because this also can make a bacterium,grow.

Not be bug body more, it is the circumstance such as gallinaceous lymphatic more, or hemal circumstance, and to the bodySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Body is without bad influence

How is the worm that there is white in chicken handled?

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And have have simmer in water ripe, bug body also won’t become strip, and need not worry, whether does considerable examine body have unwell symptom to appear.

A few local organization inflammation appearing all round the genital of the body also is helminth perhaps has infection likely, so ability can cause the happening of this kind of expression.

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Noticing good individual is healthful is a few delicate food at the same time, and this is planted the circumstance also can use drug appropriately, can undertake recuperate and be remedialed with brethren of a few antiphlogistic medicine appropriately.

White strip object also is the blood-vessel inside gallinaceous body likely or nerve. Even if insect also does not have necessary concern.

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Hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is in commonly 2 the left and right sides, microbial, bacterium, virus, insect meets what be killed, had been at ease, not necessary have anthelmintic thing.

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