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Rice is a kind of staple food that we often eat in the life, the candy component that contains in rice should be taller. So rice can make adipose content of the person elevatory normally, if too fat person should notice,have a few rice less. The method of the rice that make hasFall in love with the sea

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Very much, what but people often is met,eat is rice meal. Does so rice contain starch?

Does rice contain starch

Amyloid meal has: A thick soup of rice, bean jelly, steamed stuffed bun, boiled dumpling, corn, Hun is stewed, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Cake of Fu of biscuit, cake, biscuit, bubble, steamed bread, noodle, pineapple, taro cake. Rice also calculates starch kind food.

Alleged and amylaceous kind of food, basically point to the food that contains a lot ofcarbohydrate, and rhizome kind vegetable. The food that contains a lot ofcarbohydrate has rice, corn, wheat to wait, rhizome kind vegetable includes potato, yam, potato kind etc. In addition, all sorts of legume and banana contain starch to compare much fruit to also include to be in amylaceous kind of food is medium1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Amylaceous kind of food: Take starch kind food can restrain alvine cancer1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Corn, face kind (cake of rice, ground rice, bean jelly, stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, New Year cake, cornmeal, biscuit, steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun, boiled dumpling skin, wonton skin, noodle, flapjack, steamed dumpling, corn, cake, biscuit, Ma La, phoenix piece cake, turnip cake, taro. . . . )

Rhizome kind food (potato, taro, pachyrhizus, lotus root of pumpkin, lotus. . . . . )

Does rice contain starch

Legume (bowl beans, gram, ormosia. . . . )

The fruit with amylaceous high content (banana, plantain, apple, jujube, peach. . . . . )

High fever measures a fruit: Melon kind fruit, Durian, litchi, longan. . . . . .

Amylaceous kind of food is main restrain alvine cancer through two kinds of means: It is to become after starch enters bowel to, via a series of turning overForum of Shanghai night net

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Should conduce to increase excrement and urine, make colon excrete, outside quickening body of eduction of content of the metabolization that cause cancer: 2 it is starch ferments in the classics inside bowel enzymatic action, can produce many fourth acerbity salt. Fourth acerbity salt is effective cancer cell grows depressor, it can restrain breed of 6 bowel bacterium directly, prevent large intestine the cell that wall may cause cancer arises.

How should choose amyloid food in the life? Besides the staple food such as flapjack, rice, using the noodle of buckwheat make it, bean jelly, steamed dumpling to wait also is right choice. In addition, to busy office worker. The rough machining in the supermarket the whole valley food without purify cereal skin, be like corn biscuit should be headSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Anthology. Watchful identifying wants when buying corn loaf: If the first of composition watch is corn, if corn composition platoon is in,the corn content that shows it abounds; really other part or at the back of candy, explain composition of the corn in this kind of food is not much. Still having a method is: Taking bread with the hand. If feel biscuit is close-grained and compact, have apparent Mai Li, it is the biscuit with corn rich content.

Does rice contain starch

Contain a lot ofthe congee of food crops food grains other than wheat and rice of E of vitamin of B a group of things with common features, vitamin,

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